Birthday Party

Robot Edutaiment also brings the fun of robotics learning to your own birthday celebration!

The children in the age between 6 and 12 years old will enjoy the most. At our “Making Thinking Fun” Birthday Parties, every child will design and build their own robot, and then play games with their friends! Each party will be hosted by our staff, who will guide the kids every step of the way.

Each Party includes:
  1. Our trained staff comes to you to host your Party
  2. Robotics Kit rental for every party guest - 1 Kit per 2 Students
  3. Upon request, 10% DC Offer + Free Tool Box for any purchase of kits for the Birthday child
  4. Upon request, our friendly staff will take the pictures/videos to keep your child’s favorite memories!
  5. Upon request, our friendly staff will advise you to arrange local caterings
  6. Parents can sit back, relax and enjoy your time or also watch the whole party.  It is like watching your children making, thinking, and playing fun game.

Robot Edutainment’s Making Thinking Fun Birthday Party

The Times: Flexible! We will do our best to match your schedule!
(Note:The entire party will last for 2 hours!)

Our basic package starts at:
$100 + $25 per child*(8 Kids Minimum).
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