Form Your own Small Group (Min. 4 Students) & also Call US for Your HOME SCHOOL:

We offer a variety of themed-based programs for K-12 grade with flexible hours. There is a large selection so your child can choose the program that appeals to him/her the most. Notes:For this program, students are recommended to purchase the robot kit!








For Your Own Small Group or For Home School
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At Anytime
2 Hrs / Session

At your HOME
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Grades 2 to 6

4/8 (MIN/MAX of the Number of Students Per Class)

4 Weeks


● Enrollment
Enrollment is open to any student entering 2nd grade through 8th grade in Fall 2014. Each class is three hours per day for five days. There are no pro-rations for less than the full class attendance. Class will be cancelled if minimum enrollment is not reached and registration fees will be refunded. There are no make-up days during the summer program.

● Registration
A Registration Agreement form and Medical Authorization form must be completed for each student being enrolled. Completed forms, with proper payment can be returned to the Robot Edutainment. Registrations will only be processed upon receipt of the completed and signed Registration Agreement/Medical Authorization form and payment of required fees in full. Incomplete forms or forms without proper payment will not be accepted. Confirmation and additional program information will be sent to the address listed on the registration form.

● Cancellation & Refund Policy
Written enrollment cancellations must be submitted directly to, and received at, the Robot Edutainment registration office (registration@robotedutainment.com). No refunds for Camp cancellation within 14 days. Refunds before 14 days will be less $50.00 processing fee. Please confirm receipt of your cancellation request directly with the registration office. The Robot Edutainment is not responsible for paperwork that is not received and confirmed by the registration office by any specific deadline. Families are financially responsible for all fees and there are no exceptions to this policy. Fees will be refunded in full for any class that is cancelled due to low enrollment.

● Behavior Policy and Management
To ensure a safe and positive environment, unacceptable behavior will be handled firmly by staff. If a student poses a direct threat to the safety of himself, another student, or an adult, or if the student refuses to cooperate and follow directions, the parents will be contacted to pick up the student. Students who fail to abide by Summer Camp Program behavior policies will be removed by the Robot Edutainment without refund, credit or adjustment to fees.