So far we have established few partnerships, especially with CORE (Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation) led by Dr. Gisele Ragusa at the USC Rossier School of Education and, who have many years of experience in assessment and measurement of STEM education and have plans to help work with us on fostering fun and creative learning experiences.

However, we are still at the beginning stages of our collaboration; we feel that to truly go forward in the aspiration and quest to transform teaching and learning by helping students begin to learn STEM at the early levels through robotics, essentially to integrate technology as educational possibilities in the school systems, requires the additional supports from other institutions and organizations, who share the passion and endeavor to stimulate and engage our students to curiosity, imagination, and discovery through technology.

Through collaboration, the potential of opening a host of powerful educational models by developing curriculum aimed at helping students, through robotics, learn essential science, technology, engineering, and math concepts even at the primary level would be immense.



We're very excited to be in the middle of this nationwide effort to encourage and fuel STEM through technology in the education system and we hope that other dedicated and experienced institutions, organizations, companies, and individuals will join us to accelerate this effort together.
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