Hands-on Academic Enrichment Kits with Curriculum to Teach Pre/K-16

    Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) & Beyond!
    These kits are suitable for afterschool programs, classrooms, homeschools, and individuals looking to build a STEM foundation for their future.

    1. Smart Kit

    Each robotic kit is designed and developed to nurture our children in understanding of internal structure of the object and machine, its automatic movement / operation. Especially, our blocks (using the link system) are designed to improve their spatial perception ability from the assembling process.

    2. Work Book

    ● Fun! It provides the pictures and cartoons (rather than excessive texts) to explain the principles of STEM. Also it instigated the curiosity and problem-solving skills learning content through challenges and question.
    ● Step-by-Step Instructions! It is organized for the user to check and revise the important points and allows the user to review or go to the next level after insuring the learning contents and the guided steps.
    ● Self-learning! Users can complete their own workbook. It allows the user to feel the accomplishment by testing themselves about what they learned today and improve their self-learning skills.

    3. Logic Programing

    Simple and Fun programming allows the user to enjoy the programming much easier. As they advance, not only the icon basis program but also direct programming through C language are possible, so the user is able to control more precisely and professionally (Complicated algorithm function Variable uses, various control statements, such as while, if, break, loop, functional call, and etc).

  • Ollo Action Kit Purchase Price : $29.90 + Tax
    - 1 Geared Motor
    - 1 Battery Box
    - 1 Switch
    - Assembly Manual Only (No Workbook)

    - Make robots that move! You can make 8 different kinds of robots with one kit. With just one battery, you can get them moving. Be a part of robot movement!

  • BUG Kit Purchase Price : $99.90 + Tax
    - 2 Geared Motors
    - 2 Battery Box
    - 1 CM-100
    - 1 IR Receiver
    - 1 RC-100 (Remote Controller) - Assembly Manual Only (No Workbook)

    - Make a bug robot that can be controlled with a controller, trace lines and even detect objects. There are 4 different bugs you can make, but try making other things as well! Now you can build, play, and program your own robots!
    • Bioloid STEM(Standard) Purchase Price : $349.90 + Tax
      - 2 AX-12W Smart Servos
      - 1 CM-530 Controller
      - 1 IR Sensor Array + 6 Battery Box + 1 Parallel Power Board
      - 3 IR Sensor + Mini USB Cable + 3 of 5P-Cable 14 + 1 Bat Cable
      - Remote Controller Driver + Remote Control Receiver Module
      - 2 Work Books (7 Sample Robots) + Working Tools (Screw Driver & Ollo Tool

      - STEM Standard provides advanced controller, accurate sensors and smart servos. It has excellent expandability by utilizing optional sensors! This will be a great way to introduce scientific principles in details, such as 4 bar linkage mechanism, centrifugal force, centripetal force, differential gear, steering mechanism and etc.

    • Bioloid STEM (Expansion) Purchase Price : $250 + Tax
      - You need STEM Standard to build the STEM Expansion SET!!!
      - 4 AX-12A Smart Servos
      - 1 RC-100A (Remote Controller)
      - 1 IR Receiver
      - 1 Belt-L
      - Various Frame Sets
      - 2 Work Books (9 Example Robots)

      - STEM Expansion explains about the combination of force, space coordination, priciple of bipedal motio, and etc so it allows you self-directed learning by solving various problems on your own.

    Full Humanoids

    • DARWIN-MINI Purchase Price : $499 + Tax
    • PRODUCT OVERVIEW (Pre-Order ONLY: Release on 6/18/2014)
      - Controller: OpenCM 9.04-C x 1
      - Bluetooth: BT-210 x 1
      - Battery & Charger: LB-040 x 2 (Lithium Rechargeable)
      - Smart Servos: DYNAMIXEL XL-320 x 16
      - QuickStart Guidebook (Android DARWIN-MINI APK downloadable on Google Market) - 3D Printable Parts (STL Files on Thingiverse)

      -Comes with the exclusive smart App (includes Touch, Gestures, Voice Recognition, and Text Commands). This also maintains compatibility with the 6mm grid ROBOTIS frame

    • Bioloid Premium [US-110V] Purchase Price : $1,199 + Tax
      - CM-530 Controller & Quick Start Guide
      - RC-100A (Remote Controller) & Battery Charger & SMPS
      - Excellent Humanoid Walking Performance (18-AX12A)
      - Various Sensors including Gyro, DMS,IR and More External Ports
      - Remote Control Capability (Zigbee-optional)

      -Bioloid is DIY(do-it-yourself) educational robot kit using modular DC servo blocks. Build your own robot and upgrade it with enhanced mobility & intelligence. Inspiring the creative minds!

    • DARwin-OP Deluxe Edition[US-100V] Purchase Price : Ask us for Special
      - US NSF Funded Project
      - One of the main players @ Robo Cup
      - Standard PC-based Robot with Convenient Interfaces
      - High Performance and Advanced Features
      - 20 Actuator Modules (6 DOF leg + 3 DOF arm + 2 DOF neck)
      - Efficient and Versatile Modular Configuration
      - Open Platform (Hardware and Software)

      -DARwin-OP is an affordable, miniature-humanoid-platform with advanced computational power, sophisticated sensors, higy playload capacity, and dynamic motion ability to enable many exciting research and educational applications.