Learning Center

Robot Edutainment focuses on progressive education, using robotics to provide a hands-on, fun learning experience to children and young people, to educate young students about robotics, electronics, and computer software, ultimately learning STEM. We aim to impart a creative spark in the younger generation to cause them to become innovators, make new discoveries, and to encourage them to pursue careers in the sciences to fill the ever increasing gap in the U.S. workforce. Robot Edutainment is the place where kids are encouraged to think creatively and imaginatively.

Our Approach to Students
In our programs, we focus on three components to education: pedagogy, curriculum, and assessment. The curriculum is what students are supposed to be learning. Pedagogy is the actual teaching. Assessment is the process by which we form judgments about how well they have done, where we make comments and suggestions about students'progress.

While Robot Edutainment upholds all three components strictly, we focus and place specific emphasis on pedagogy to provide the best teachers for our students. We believe that when people think back to their own time at school, it seems to be always the teachers that they remember. Many people might not remember what they learned, but they will remember which teachers made the most impact on them. Therefore, our definition of the best teachers is not those who have mere outward top qualifications, but those who care for our students, love our students, encourage our students, stimulate their creativity, help them to try, even make mistakes, learn, and achieve. The best teachers are very engaged in each student’s progress, from the beginning to the very end.

Students Will...
● be engaged in the fun world of robotics
● not just come and learn, but afterward design their own creations
● use the same principles they just learned but apply to each new project
● design and play games with the robots they build
● be able to examine and solve problems they encounter
● tap into their creativity
● discover what they really like to do in the process
● build character
● become life-time learners

We'd like to refine our students by challenging, stimulating, and engaging their curiosity to get their imagination and discovery going. Our goal is to create experiences that spark the kids to want to learn more. We are not merely focused on robot assembly, which captures students’ initial interest, but on how they learn and apply the scientific/robotic principles in their projects, varying based on their age and capacity. Once again, our focus is on students’ creativity--not for them to just receive knowledge in their robotics class, but requires our students to exercise their own creative and capable minds. By presenting them with questions and problems rather than handing them solutions or techniques, this will open their minds, activate their curiosity, and stimulate minds to action. For an example, they will be given the problems to work on where STEM skills are required but may not be the focus of the activity. We are giving them real problems to solve: How do you do it? This presents endless opportunities to stimulate and stretch their minds. This achieves our goal for them to be engaged with things they probably would have never thought about before and enjoy the process of finding solutions.

Ideas that will open their mind → Curiosity → Motivate learning desire → Apply principles → Problem solving process → Solution achievement

Our class will not just end at acquiring another subject knowledge, but will gain effectiveness to their whole learning process, including their current school curriculum. That is why our programs are co-curricular and cross-curricular, not merely extra-curricular.

Want to start your own learning center but not sure where to begin?
Build a business that not only strives for success but one that also strengthen our children in the area of STEM. Want to start your own learning center but not sure where to begin? Contact us or E-mail: learningcenter@robotedutainment.com

Collaboration with ROBOTIS KIDSLAB
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