Enrichment Beyond the Classroom

Robot Edutainment offers an exciting After School program to those schools and parents interested in providing STEM enrichment to their students’ and children’s school education. Our program is designed to not only provide exposure to, but ignite and excite in students an interest in STEM early on, building and strengthening a solid foundation in STEM for children. We provide a supplement to the traditional learning environment through the introduction of HUNA ROBO robotics and programming kit (starting from Level II). We provide an open space where students can have fun while simultaneously developing cross-disciplinary skills. Our program activities meet curriculum targets not only in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), but also in computer, Internet, art, design, and communication skills. We can go to your school, or you can come to us.

Why Students Need Enrichment Beyond the Classroom

Whereas schools are inhibited by tight time schedules, large class quotas, a perpetual focus on performance measures, and limited budgets for hands-on resources, in our After School enrichment program we are able to take the time to inspire, challenge, and support children as they discover what they are truly capable of. We are not merely focused on robot assembly, which captures students’ initial interest, but on how they learn and apply the scientific/robotic principles in their projects, varying based on their age and capacity. Once again, our focus is on students’ creativity--not for them to just receive knowledge in their robotics class, but requires our students to exercise their own creative and capable minds. Robot Edutainment is the place where kids are encouraged to think creatively and imaginatively.

Learning CAN Be Fun

The fact is, children learn best when they are playing and having fun. It is difficult for a child to learn anything when it is not interesting. Here at Robot Edutainment, our first step is to have fun. Robots are a great way to spent time with the child and to explore the worlds of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Science becomes entertaining--a fun subject, not a hard subject anymore.

Group Learning Has Rewards

Moreover, learning becomes even more fun when the children are doing it with their peers. Interacting with others not only can help children learn group/team skills, but build valuable and meaningful friendships as well. An awful lot of creative work doesn’t happen individually. It happens with people interacting with other people. The most powerful engines of creative thinking are groups, and the reason that is true is because a great group models the human mind: it’s diverse, it’s dynamic, it’s distinctive.

(1) Learning here is human-centered focused on mutuality, collaboration. One gains positive self-realization, ability to interact with others, leadership skills, communication skills, giving much area for exploration.

(2) Learning not only of science, but also of humans through mutual interaction/relationship. There are things that you can only really learn by being in an environment with people. And one of the great losses out of 21st century education system is the lack of meaningful friendships and the deficit of programs that get kids out of the mindless drills and their hands on something creative.

(3) This process increases problem-solving skills: after their assembly, if the project is not operating as they expected, they will have to study and solve the problem, rather than asking the teacher for an immediate solution. When they figure it out on their own or with a peer and companion, the process of problem-solving becomes an enjoyment. This increases their imagination and creativity

Our Goal

Our goal is to create experiences that spark the kids to want to learn more. Of course this is not to replace school-- not to replace what they do at school, not to replace their own teachers and curriculum, but to enrich and enhance it.

Please,contact us today to learn how to enroll your student or child in our After School enrichment program.