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Ready to HUNAROBO & Fun and Bot?

Robot Edutainment's Saturday Class for K-12 are all about the STEM. At our workshop, students learn and play in a collaborative team setting, learning the skills to build and compete.  Your child will be given fun daily challenges and gain invaluable problem-solving skills, team-play, interpersonal skills, and much more. Get ready to enjoy the process of making, thinking, fun! 

All-Season Robotics Camps (Where Making, Thinking, and Fun Meets your child)
We offer a variety of themed-based Saturday & All Seasonal Robotics Camps for K-12 grade.  There is a large selection so your child can choose the program that appeals to him/her the most.

General Information
● Robot / Science / Technology / Engineering / Math / Challenges / Problem-Solving & Interpersonal Skills
● Camps Girls and Boys for K-6
● Hands on Learning, First Time Beginners to Intermediate
● Daily Robotic challenges including Dynamic Art, English, and Math


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