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What We Provide

Using robotics, our School (K-12) and After School programs, and Educational Games are designed to not only provide exposure to, but ignite and excite in students an interest in STEM at an early age, beginning at the kindergarten and elementary level, building and strengthening a solid foundation in STEM for children. In addition to our focus in STEM, we recognize the importance of cross-curricular connections. Therefore, we also provide options of interdisciplinary curriculum in conjunction to STEM, incorporating subjects such as Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Arts/Crafts, Geography, etc.. Essentially, we operate in line with the White House’s “Educate to Innovate” campaign that "every child in America deserves a world-class education," to raise American students to the top of the pack in Science and Math achievement over the next decade.

Our mission is to provide new and creative ways to engage our students in STEM, along with America’s nationwide effort, by developing the most respected and innovative source of teaching, learning and research solutions for the educational (robotic) market worldwide:

  • • Robotics Engineering
  • • Robotics + Computer Programming
  • • Robotics + STEM
  • • Robotics + Multi-discipline
  • • Robotics + Computing